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Chiweshe Wine Collection

Red, White & Rosé Wines

Voted Most Charitable Winery in 2021 by Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Voted Most Charitable Winery in 2021 by Cosmopolitan Magazine!



Product Reviews

I love the sweet & luscious grape fragrance of the Chardonnay candle!


Really happy with this one, and smells delicious. A very homey scent, I think guests would love it.

DApricot Grove

Wow! This fragrance is my new favorite! It’s amazing in every way.

LovleeWhite Currant

I'm a smoker who's purchased candles that are hemp scented and they've never smelled this good. Be careful not to get this on your hands because a little bit of it is strong. A friend thought I was smoking and it was just the scent on my shirt!


Gardenia was my mother's favorite scent. I am so pleased that is smells just like gardenia and is a strong scent!!! Love It!!!

LisaGardenia Tumberose

Wow. Just get this. It is so beautiful. It shines all by itself! It's a perfect blend of citrus and floral.

KerryWhite Tea

Had been looking for a eucalyptus mint exactly like this, although mint is not in the name you can faintly smell it which is exactly what I was looking for.

KristenWhite Eucalyptus

Scrumptious! This scent smells wonderful. Our family loves this yummy scent. It feels like we're walking through a cherry tree field.

Miller familyBlack Cherry Merlot