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Luxury Remote Getaway!

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Luxury Remote Getaway!

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Exciting Adventures have arrived at! Inquire about your own pod in our Luxury Pod Getaways! A beautiful, fully off grid, smart, self sustainable micro unit, which utilizes solar and wind energy. The installed solar power is 880 watts of high efficiency solar cells in order to maximize energy production. The low noise wind turbine is delivering up to 750 watts during the day and night producing electricity 24 hours a day. The unique shape of the luxury futuristic pod minimizes heat or cool temperature loss but also provides the most important thing for life, Water. Rainwater is collected on the surface, where it’s collected in a water tank and filtered for your convenience. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. The is a self sufficient, practical, and functional as possible with accommodations for one or two people. If you are headed on your next adventure outdoors or just a cozy night in the forest, this will make anywhere an exciting memorable time! Join us, book now, and change the world, starting with Luxury Remote Getaways! (Locations to be announced soon!) Let the journey begin! Thank You!! Eunice Chiweshe

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